Stop letting people off when they give you shit! Get some payback for only $7.99*! Let us send them some stupid fucking glitter that is guaranteed to go everywhere
We Ship this crap international, so nobody in the world is safe!"

Lets be honest, Glitter is fucking disgusting shit!

People go through life too often taking shit from others without taking any action. Why, because you’re either too fucking lazy, you don’t want to suffer any consequences or you just don’t have any fucking imagination.

Well, Here it is, your very own, “Take this you fucking asshole” Pay Back Machine. We’re not talking black ninja assassins here to carry out revenge attacks for the death of your wife and child, but we are talking an explosion of glittery shit that will humiliate and just generally, piss the person you don’t particular like, the fuck off!

It’s simple, you pay us a low $7.99*, give us their name and address (anywhere in the world), and we’ll take the sacrifice upon ourselves to stuff an envelope to the fucking rafters full of that glittery shit, write a fancy note telling that person why exactly they are now experiencing this horrible and cruel punishment. We’re seriously professional about this, maximum glitter explosion will occur as we strategically place all the glittery gunk inside the actual note! (we’re fucking clever like that!) The Letter will even be hand written on the front so they’ll even think it’s a thoughtful caring letter addressed from their mamma or something. Fuck, we’ve thought of everything.

*Testimonials above could be pure fucking bullshit*


"Because getting revenge can be some complex shit!"


Right, so you’ve decided to grow a set and issue the command that will inevitably see whoever’s name you put in the box below, on the receiving end of a Glitter Bomb! All you have to do is fill out the form below and hit the Buy Now button. You’ll then be taken off this portal of revenge to Paypal, to process payment. After we’ve received you’re cash (completely untraceable by cops and what not), we’ll proceed to preparing said Glittery Bomb to post and destroy said target. Mission done, your welcome!

Revenge at the press of a button. Glitter Bomb People You Hate (Or Love) for Just $7.99*

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